Open Day Held


Q1. How much do you agree that Chittlehampton needs a modern and vibrant community hall?

             92%              4%            4%               0%             0%

Q2. How satisfied are you that the Open Day has given you a good understanding of what is planned?

             85%             11%            0%             4%            0%

Q3. How satisfied are you with what is planned for the future village hall?

             78%             7%            11%             4%             0%

Q4. Comments made

It would be lovely to cater for/enquire what the young people of the village would like. I’ve lived in the village for 57 years. My own childhood and my children’s was packed with events and availability of play areas etc – designed for under 18’s. The village seems to have lost its way in catering for the young. Maybe table tennis games etc – find out what the young need. Thanks.

Lovely to see potential changes giving a fresh modern space which will be used well.

The explanation of the project was very thorough and interesting. The enthusiasm of the people I spoke to was great.

All looks good

It would be nice to have the village hall refurbished and updated.

Would love to see this come to fruition – gives so many usage opportunities. Roofing material?

Very good design, especially like the open planning to the playing field and access. Think the overall area for changing rooms and toilets could be more open plan to enable some use other than football teams, maybe room for table tennis or similar.

It is nice to see we are getting a village hall to be proud of instead of looking at an eyesore. It will also bring us up to date with other village halls. Just one worry – the asbestos

Very informative and well presented. Hope funding is successful and plans all come to fruition.

Pleased with the progress everyone is making to make this possible

Committee are all working very hard. Well done to everyone involved.

Good community spirit.

Just need to make sure the whole village is committed. Keep letting them know the situation, Facebook post anything. If they know, how can they argue.

Great idea developing terrace on South side. Will encourage use of the sports field. Bike parking is a nice touch.

Needs to find ways of getting benefits quickly.

Shame entrance is still at the front as this used to cause problems with noise complaints in the past. Shame deck not bigger so could be used as how often is a marque going to be used.

Disabled access from veranda. Is a bike store really needed. Railings around veranda. Bigger bar area. Washing facilities so we don’t have to drink out of plastic cups at formal functions. Utilise meeting area by making better changing rooms.

I would like to see the hall used more for a performance space – both for theatre and bands/music concerts. The door central to the stage area is a bugbear and we would like a single plain wall – this would be far better for stage sets for plays, exhibitions and for backdrops for any performance. In addition, the lighting in the hall needs to be more atmospheric, but also should include lighting bars vertical at sides and something across the front/top above and forward of the stage area to allow theatre lights to be easily added. This would again be for theatre and music performances.

Plan looks great – keeping the building IF more modernised seems effective. Important to have better facilities for performance space. See wife’s comments.

Improvements planned will make a huge difference to the appearance and atmosphere generated. Villagers who attend the various functions in the hall enjoy the friendly atmosphere but we would really welcome a much improved and updated facility. It would be good if there was more space on the walkway to allow for people to sit out in good weather. One metre is a bit tight when you have people/wheelchair users using the walkway.

Total number of responses = 27